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Berango - 2015

A rock band with a quite eclectic style, with strong influences of New York Punk from the 70’s, some 60’s Garage, a bit of Detroit High Energy and a few touches of Power-Pop, initially formed between resident musicians in the rehearsal rooms of Grabasonic (Berango) in 2015. After several changes in the formation, currently the band lives scattered between both banks of the river Nervión and the capital of the kingdom of Navarra, but despite this and the blank period because of the confinement and pandemic by COVID19, they have managed to release so far a virtual EP (Jelly Movement, 2016, Bandcamp), two albums in LP/CD format, (Kinki Girl, 2017, and Fast Forward, 2020) and a virtual single (Giraffe Woman, 2018). They have also released three music videos (Giraffe Woman-2019, Cowardice-2020, and Dysfunctional-2021).

The Ribbons perform songs with powerful rhythmic bases, sharp guitars and careful melodies, in which the sensual voice of their singer Beatriz stands out together with lyrics in which she exposes her particular vision of the world and society from her position as a free and empowered woman.

They have shared the stage with bands of different styles and categories such as Rat-Zinger, Seventy Seven (’77), Hard Buds, Sumission City Blues, Señor No, Atom Rhumba, Nuevo Catecismo Católico, The Renegados, Negra Calavera, Seda, Sonic Trash, Los Retumbes, The Lizzards, La Excavadora, ….. And they have shown they are just as powerful and fun to perform live as any of them.



Beatriz “Bea” Catalán: Voice and choirs

María José “MJ” Gosende: Bass

Zuriñe “Zuri” Aguirre: Guitar

Ramón M. Zubiaurre: Drums

Iñigo “Kanijo” Hernández: Guitar



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