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Pamplona - 1987

A mini-LP was released in 1988, by an emerging band called Tahúres Zurdos. A promising group is discovered, with a front woman, something that is not usual in the music scene. A woman who plays the guitar, composes and has a special voice, not at all similar to other female voices. This is when we discover Tahúres Zurdos as a musical group and Aurora Beltrán as a singer.

A woman who composes lyrics speaking shamelessly and in a very direct way. This is a distinctive feature of her work as a composer.

Aurora took on the roles of singer and guitarist in a new band, with her brother Manuel “Lolo” Beltrán (guitar), and her friends Luis Salcedo (bass, replaced in 1990 by Juan Manuel Ugarte) and Javier Lizarazu “Puntxes” (drums).

From this moment onwards, not without hard work and showing their talent, a legendary band began their 35 years in music. Since their great song “Una noche de amor” (Tahuría 1990) composed by Aurora for Bellandona (her previous band) and recovered for Tahures Zurdos, they have achieved great successes such as “Tocaré” and “Afiladas” from the album “Nieve Negra” (1991).

It could be said that 1997 was the year of Tahures Zurdos. Aurora started a series of solo concerts and at the same time the band released their seventh album, “Tak”, that shows the growth and maturity of Tahures Zurdos with twelve great songs.

In 2003 they decided to split up and in order to commemorate their career, which at that time was already 17 years old, they released their ninth album entitled “17 años”, recorded live.

15 years later, in 2019 Tahures got together again for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation benefit concert and after a sold out show at the Zentral hall in Pamplona, the band decided to return to the stage, a comeback that was paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and restarted in 2021.


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