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Minneapolis-Minnesota (USA) - 1985

One of the seminal and great groups of American popular music of the last three decades. It is said to be the best unknown band on the planet and that may be so.


The Jayhawks is deeply rooted in the long-standing traditions of American music, infused with a sensitivity reflecting the influence of legends such as Gene Clark, Neil Young and Gram Parsons, in its great melodies, the sensitivity of its lyrics and the use of vocal harmonies.


The Jayhawks has influenced, and continues to do so, a whole generation of musicians and bands that make up today’s alternative American Rock scene.  The group is the very essence of the so-called alternative rock-country.


The Jayhawks:


Gary Louris (1955): guitar, soloist, composer, vocals

Tim O’Reagan: drum, vocals

Karen Grotberg: keyboard, vocals

Marc Perlman: bass

John Jackson: acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin.




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