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Status Quo

London, England – 1962

Status Quo, founded in London in 1962 by Francis Rossi (vocals and guitar) and Alan Lancaster (bass), is considered to be one of the most successful British bands in the history of rock music. It is not an easy task to sum up their 60-year trajectory.

Status Quo, who have millions of record sales, started out in the 60s, playing sounds that were influenced by beat and psychedelic rock. In the 70s, their music developed into boogie and hard rock. They conquered the United Kingdom and became great icons of British rock.

Although the band members have changed multiple times, Francis Rossi has always been at the head of this emblematic band, and has led them to great heights. Status Quo’s most successful years were the 70s and 80s when they released huge albums such as ‘Piledriver’ (1973), featuring ‘Roadhouse Blues’ (a cover of The Doors’s track), giving the band star status in the UK.

Undoubtedly, one of their best periods was the late 80s with the releases of ‘In the Army Now’ (1986), ‘Ain’t Complaining’ (1988), and ‘Perfect Remedy’ (1989).

Status Quo have achieved an endless number of awards and records in their extensive career, such as the Silver Clef Award (1981), World Music Award (1991), a Brit Award (1991), which is the UK’s most prestigious award for ‘outstanding contribution to the British music industry’, and many others.

Over their almost 60-year career they have sold over 118 million records worldwide, and performed more than 8,000 concerts, reaching an audience of well over 30 million people.

More than 30 Status Quo songs have made the charts, and 4 of their songs remained at number one in the UK for weeks.

This great band’s modus operandi has been to make music that all audiences can enjoy and jump about to. It is an approach that has ensured their continued success despite new music trends and changes to the band members. Status Quo’s energy on stage is electrifying.

Their latest record ‘Backbone’ was released in 2019.

Current members include:

  • Francis Rossi: founding member, singer and lead guitar
  • John ‘Rhino’ Edwards (since 1986): bass and vocals
  • Andy Brown (since 1976): keyboard, harmonica and piano
  • Leon Cave (since 2013): drums and percussion
  • Richie Malone (since 2016): guitar and vocals




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