Brand New Sinclairs

Brand New Sinclairs

6 Saturday

Brand New Sinclairs

Bilbao - 2007

After more than 10 years of experience, Brand New Sinclairs edit “GREAT DECADE” (2018), their last work filled with heir hallmarks, once again full of melodies, rhythms and guitars that evoke rock and roll, beat, garage… sounds that are so characteristic of this band from their beginnings, with the same intensity and honesty that characterize them.

One might think that after a decade they could evolve, right? But… why evolve… when you have your own authentic formula? And again they start recording without tricks or artifice, with complete sincerity in record time, this time in one morning and of course live, that is, what you hear is what you get.

Their first single “Don´t go back” is a declaration of principles, never backwards, always forward, a vibrant beat song with powerful guitars, tamping rhythm and melodic voices.

The rest of the album ranges from the twist of “Parrot tiwst”, to the rock-n-roll pop of “Im living” and “Missing fun”, the rhythm and blues of “Brocken bones” and, for the first time in their discography, a Gene Vincent cover!!!!!



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