John Cale

Garnat, Wales - 1942

Compositor, producer, singer, pianist, guitarist and actor, among many other artistic facets, he was schooled in the avant-garde music of John Cage and LaMonte Young, and in 1965 he founded the legendary The Velvet Underground together with Lou Reed, with Andy Warhol as their first manager.

“The Velvet Underground & Nico” and “White light/white heat” are, even today, two of the most revolutionary and influential albums in the entire history of rock.

As a producer, he has been the alma mater of punk and new wave. He carried out production duties on the debut albums by The Stooges, Nico, and The Modern Lovers, and on Patti Smith’s magnificent “Horses”. His solo work is wide-ranging and difficult to classify. He has made some beautiful poetic albums: “Paris 1919” (1973), “Fear” (1974), “Music For A New Society” (1982), “Fragments Of A Rainy Season” (1992)…

He has written and performed on numerous soundtracks for independent films like “Something Wild” (Jonathan Demme, 1986), “Basquiat” (Julian Schnabel,1996), “American Psycho” (Mary Harron, 2000), and has always kept the concerns alive that have led him in search of new sound-worlds since the beginning of his career.

With more than 40 albums to his credit, including the Velvet Underground, solo recordings, compilations, live albums and soundtracks, John Cale has filled the world of popular music with some genuine gems in his more than five decades of activity.


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