Mississippi Queen & The Wet Dogs

Mississippi Queen & The Wet Dogs

15 saturday

Mississippi Queen

& The Wet Dogs

Mississippi Queen & The Wet Dogs

Bilbao, 2015


Mississippi Queen & The Wet Dogs is a soul band that was founded in Bilbao in 2015 as an acoustic duo with  Inés Eleuteria on voice and Aitor Zorriketa “The Malamute” on guitar. After several years of enjoying the mere fact of playing the music that they love and having developed their musical complicity, they recorded Try Me, their first album, in July 2018, which was finally released in January 2019. Its six songs are very diverse in style (blues, funk, rock & roll, gospel,…), and all of them, clearly, owe much to the blues, but sound very current and do no seek to be copying the sound of the past. The themes of the songs are also varied: there is of course the love (and heartbreak) song, but there is also a declaration of intent (musicals), a night out in the city and a gospel ode to a child.

The live performance of Mississippi Queen & The Wet Dogs, which is now an electric quintet with the arrival of Ander Alonso (drums), Kike Mora (bass) and Mikel Núñez (keyboards), vibrates with energy and vitality. The band always wants to enjoy and entertain, thrill and be thrilled. Find out for yourself, you will be blown away.


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