Anje Duhalde

Anje Duhalde

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Anje Duhalde


Arcangues (France) – 1950


As the person who brought the Basque song to other repertoires, Anje Duhalde, the trail-blazer of Basque rock, has remained at the forefront of the scene for over forty years. His musical journey is closely linked to the history of Basque music. His voice has a broad range and warm tones, as he performs a variety of compositions featuring rock, folk or traditional melodies. Anjue has always liked a cultural mix: Xalbador (the Basque poet) is as important in his approach as Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Georges Brassens.

Anje has been composing, recording and playing live for over 40 years. He started his solo career in the early 1970s and, later on, he was one of the founders, along with Mixel Ducau, of the iconic Errobi, the trail-blazing group of Basque rock (with five albums recorded), before becoming the lead singer of Akelarre.

Anje Duhalde belongs to a special lineage of musicians and singers. He is an essential element to understand the development of Basque folk and rock, a bridge between popular music and the language of rock. A fundamental link between the roots of our identity and the modern world.



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