Amann & The Wayward Sons

Amann & The Wayward Sons

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& The Wayward Sons


Amann & The Wayward Sons

Bilbao – 2016


Amann & The Wayward Sons are a US rock band  founded in 2016 as a personal project of Pablo Amann based on his written compositions.

The band headed by Pablo Amann from Bilbao released its first studio album, “Free Soul”, which was recorded in January 2018 at the Music Factory studios in Marbella and mixed and mastered at Abbey Road (UK). “Free Soul” was produced by Emiliano Bares , Amando Gottardi, and Pablo Amann himself, and  with the invaluable help of Julian Maeso in several numbers at Hammond.

Amann & The Wayward Sons is  noted for its unrivalled live performances, with its six members on stage and who have extensive professional experience.

The work of Pablo Amann’s bank transports us both to the South and to the West Coast of the US, but under the influences of jazz, folk, blues and progressive rock.

The band is made up of  Pablo Amann (voice and guitars), Amando Gottardi (bass and voice), Emi Bares (guitar and voice), Gustavo Gottardi (drums), Javier Flores (guitar and voice) and Henrik Larson (keyboard).

After the Free Soul tour in 2018, they are working at the Tío Pete Estudio on a new album that is planned to be released in February 2019.


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